Hawaii font dont’s

Hawaii Small Business owners wear many hats.  We don’t have our own marketing departments and are often tasked with making our own marketing materials. One common mistake Hawaii businesses make over and over is using the wrong fonts.

You might think a font doesn’t matter.  BUT IT DOES!  The font is part of your branding, it is part of the visual representation of your business, product or service.

Often Hawaii businesses want to show island pride and are looking for something tribal or Polynesian.  The font most used and abused is the PAPYRUS font. Papyrus is a popular free font used often that is in your font library. It has a TRIBAL or NATIVE look.

However, it is far from Polynesian.

The font is actually a ROMAN Typeface.  And the biggest  problem is that it is a popular free font that is overused. Everyone from Yoga Studios to Accountants use it.  Because of this it has gotten labeled with the professional marketing and graphic design industry as a joke.  There are entire websites dedicated to making fun of businesses using the font.  It has been referred to as the most hated font in design.

Branding your business is very important.  You don’t necessarily need a font that is TRIBAL in nature just because you are a Hawaii business.  We recommend going with something clean, and professional and maybe accompanying it with a graphic that represents your business.

If you really love the Papyrus style or want something Polynesian, there are other options both free and premium. If you are looking to be unique we recommend paying for a premium font.  It is worth the $20-50 to have a font that is more unique and classy and you will stand out more.

Here is some great locally designed Polynesian fonts.

To find some free fonts head over to:  -OR-

Here are the keywords to search  for when searching for fonts in this style.

  • Organic
  • Rough
  • Calligrpahic
  • Tribal
  • Polynesian

Good luck and happy font hunting!