Empowering Hawaii's Small Businesses

The Wiki Web Kits Difference

Hawaii Small Businesses have so many choices for their digital marketing services.  Seems like everyone is doing it from your neighbors friend, the guy who fixes your computer, to your phone company.  How do we know?  The creators of Wiki Web Kits have been offering services in Hawaii for over 8 years, helping non profits and small businesses build their businesses.  We have been active with business groups, taught workshops, and put hundreds of businesses online and seen first hand what small businesses go through.

As a business you have to figure out everything you need, find the right person to do it, negotiate price and then come up with the money to do it. Wouldn’t it be great if someone just packaged up everything you needed, and gave it to you for one set price? Better yet, wouldn’t it be great, if you can make payments so you don’t have to shell out everything at one time?  Welcome to Wiki Web Kits!

Core Services

We have specially packaged services that offer you everything you need as a Hawaii Small Business.

  • Website
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic and Social Media Monitoring
  • Training/Support
  • and more…

**Website only options available

Add Ons

Google 360 Virtual Tour Add on

Wiki Web Kits has an exclusive partnership with one of Google’s top photographers to provide our customers with an add on option to get a Virtual 360-Tour of your business.  LEARN MORE about Google 360 Virtual Tours.

Website Only

If you already have everything set up online but you just want our amazing NANI theme, we offer a website only option.

Monthly Support

After your year is up, we offer a low monthly cost to continue your support plan.

Custom Options

If you require additional options such as customization, eCommerce, or anything outside of the Wiki Web Kits scope, BOSS Studio can provide you a quote.

Pano Virtual SITES


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